The Malts and Vaults Tour at Oakland Cemetery is next on Saturday May 16th at 7:00

Oakland Lion

If you’re a regular reader of this site (and who isn’t?) then you know we’re big fans of Oakland Cemetery.  Now next Saturday, May 16th they’ll be having one of our favorite tours.  It’s called ‘Malts and Vaults’ and it focuses on beer and brewing in the history of Atlanta and through Oakland.  From the Cemetery;s site;

What do a jousting match, exotic singing birds and the sun god Ra have in common? Why, everyone’s favorite malt beverage, beer, of course! Find out how the sudsy beverage connects these fascinating topics, and delve into Atlanta’s long and vivid history of brewing during Historic Oakland Cemetery’s special guided walking tour, Malts & Vaults of Oakland: Where Beer Meets History.

No beer will be served during the tour, but please enjoy a brew or two at our neighborhood restaurants. Tour receipt is redeemable for:

It’s a lot of fun.  You can get tickets here

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