Concrete Jungle’s Ciderfest is October 11th @cjungle


Concrete Jungle is one of those amazing groups in Atlanta that see an idea for good and then act on it.  Concrete Jungle goes around harvesting fruits and nuts from trees which would otherwise go to waste.  and then give the bounty to local food banks, etc.  They just started in 2009 but they’re already accomplishing great things like already donating almost 17,ooo lbs of harvested food to the poor and hungry.  Well, winter is approaching and now it’s time for Concrete Jungle’s Ciderfest.  This is where they take apples and pears that could not be donated and turn them into cider!   It’s great fun for the whole family.  They’ll be holding Ciderfest on October 11th from 11:30 am until ?

And if you’re really adventurous, some folks are going to meet that morning at 10:00 am at the Inman Park MARTA station and will walk the Beltline to Ciderfest.  Here’s  a link for that

Here are some of the details and what to bring and what to expect at CiderFest

Date: Saturday October 11, 11:30am-Sunset
Locale:  in Adair Park (746 Lexington Ave, 30310)

To ensure a top-notch cidering experience, it is advised to bring:

Something to eat and share!
Any non-cider beverages you care to imbibe
Cider mug for drinking. Extra points for stupidest mug!
Empty soda jugs and other containers for bringing some cider home!
T-shirt for screen printing (or $10 for buying one of ours)
Musical instruments
Strange games
Your own interactive creative inspirations
Friendly dogs
Cute family members
Cider legs for cranking out cider mash
Cider arms for pressing cider mash
Cider mouth for drinking cider mash juice (sometimes referred to as “cider”)
Cider belly for storing cider during the digestive processes
Cider friends for helping with the above
You get the idea

So check it out……and better yet consider volunteering for Concrete Jungle or supporting them in other ways.  It’s hard to think of a better cause than saving healthy food that would have been wasted and giving it to the poor.  For more info here is a link to their Facebook page

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