Elevate Atlanta Art is October 17th through the 23rd.

Elevate ok to delete                  Ok we’re not art experts here at FunAndFreeAtlanta.  But we do love art and we do love those in our community that are spreading art all over Atlanta.  You know you loved Flux…..you love Living Walls…and you love Art on the Beltline.  What’s not to love?  We just walk around and we’re hit with all these amazing visual experiences!  So have you heard about Elevate?  It’s another great strange public art event(s) experiences, whatever?  For the unitiated like me I don’t always understand it but I love it just the same.  And why not?  It’s your fellow residents creating….creating….and creating.  All kinds of new things you never imagined but when you see them OH MY!  And Elevate offers plenty of OH MY moments.  This year’s events are from October 17th through the 23rd.  Programming this year will include public art installations, music and dance performances, gallery exhibits and eclectic street art in various venues throughout downtown Atlanta such as Gallery 72 and Woodruff Park. Participating artists and organizations include Branden Collins, The Goat Farm, and La Passante which is co-sponsored by France Atlanta.  Events such as these are why you live in Intown Atlanta and this city is developing an emerging art scene.  Here’s your chance to say you were here BEFORE it was cool.  Check out Elevate’s web site and get the schedule of all the events here.


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